Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Radio stuff....mostly

Courtesy Radio Survey Archive.. WINW Top 15+20 music survey for February 20, 1971

WINW Aircheck May 1986 from

Our friend Ed Thomas has once again come through with some really good vintage photos..Mostly from WINW-1520 Canton "Win-Wonderful"

WINW-1520 Coverage Map-Notice their secondary coverage area doesnt even hit Akron..Because the FCC in their wisdom, allocated both WINW and WKNT Kent. Ohio 1520 Khz with 1000 watts power in 1966..A situation still in effect today..

Pictures from WINW-Top:WINW Car presumably used for remotes and possibly news.second:Studio picture..Third:The WINW Lobby Fourth:Outside of the studios at 4111 Martindale Rd. NE, probably the late 1960's.

WFAH AM/FM Alliance Coverage Map..Probably 1969 or after..WFAH-FM was on 101.7 from 1950-68 (101.7 was WJER-FM Dover from 1968-2007 and is now WHOF Canton. ) 92.5 is now WDJQ (92.5 Had been WAND-FM Canton in the 1950's)1310 is now WDPN.

A pair of artifacts from WIXY-1260 Cleveland..I dont know if "Cindy" was an on air personality, but she was at least a board operator perhaps..Also:A WIXY Bumper Sticker

Finally:A very good looking copy of the WAKR-TV 23 logo from the 1970's..

As always, Grateful thanks to Ed Thomas for sharing these rarities with us..

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  1. Good Stuff, Tim. Cindy could have been a student from the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique, which was housed in the same building as the WIXY studios.

    One of the studios used by the students for their training could also be used to go on air in case of emergency, and all of them could get the ABC network. If we were doing an aircheck, one of the things we had to do was get out of news into our "show" seamlessly. Not easy to do if you were following Paul Harvey.