Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Note-Comment Moderation

Good Morning:
An Issue has come up recently that, until now I havent had to do much with. 99% of the comments have been on topic and courteous, and while I dont mind an occasional "pointed" comment, everyone has been pretty respectful and I appreciate that.

The only problems I've had really at all has been spam and that has been pretty rare..However, in the last week 4 variations of the same "comment" have been left-In Japanese yet! That in itself wouldnt be such a problem except that These were all under the same posting and as fast as I would delete it, it would come back.. Clicking the link to the Japanese text leads to an Adult video site..As a result, I am going to try moderation for a while, so I'll see your comments before they are published..Thanks all for your understanding..

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