Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Uncle Al" Lewis-1924-2009

Newspaper Ad for the Uncle Al Show on WCPO-9 Cincinnati..This ad and the one below courtesy larrysmithpuppets.com

Uncle Al with Wife Wanda and the Larry Smith Puppets-ABC TV ad for The Uncle Al Show Saturday Mornings in 1959-60

Cincinnati Kids TV Institution "Uncle Al" Lewis passed away Saturday Morning at the age of 84. He hosted the Uncle Al Show aat Scripps-Howard's WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati from 1950-1985,,Most of the time with his wife, Wanda. Both Al and Wanda were/are Cleveland natives. Mr. Lewis began his career at WEWS-5 Cleveland as an announcer and artist before he and Wanda moved to Cincinnati to help start up WCPO-TV in 1950..ABC-TV carried Uncle Al nationally at 11AM Saturday Mornings in 1959-60. For a time in the early 1970's, Uncle Al was carried on WEWS-TV 5. The Uncle Al Show was the longest running Local Kids TV Show in History..

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While this is'nt directly Cleveland Related, I felt we should mention it because of his Cleveland Connections and the fact that he is an Icon in Southwestern Ohio..Best Wishes and prayers go out to his family..


  1. Nice tribute! Thanks from this southwest Ohio TV viewer -- it's been amazing to observe what can only be described as a flood of love for "Uncle Al" after his death was announced.

    What a shame that children today have nothing comparable to these classic programs found in almost every city during the early years of broadcasting!

  2. thanks, cleveland. this really is a community loss down here.

    uncle al was the greatest.