Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some notes at Midweek:

Color Test Pattern for WKYC-TV

Page of Plain Dealer TV week June 21, 1965..KYW-TV had already changed to WKYC-TV 3 two days earler, but too late for presstime

Just a few notes here at midweek:

I'd like to publicly thank Ms. Vivian Goodman of WKSU-FM and Jim Davison for the kind comments on the "Cleveland Broadcast Museum" post a few days ago, as well as the other comments on that subject, and also the comments on the WKBF audio post..

Rich Emery of Hamilton, Ohio who writes to me regularly about posting ideas, and shares his thoughts about classic TV/Radio..has found a Olympia, Washington Newspaper obituary about Thomas T. Goldsmith, founder/operator of WTTG-TV 5 Washington, DC with Allen B. DuMont.

WTTG was one of the DuMont Network owned and operated stations and is now Fox 5..Goldsmith was one of the pioneers of early TV. He passed away March 5..

Also:I've gotten in touch with retired TV personality Gordon Ward through Facebook recently. Ward was an announcer/Newsman at WNBK/KYW-TV for much of the 1950's before spending many years as an anchorman at WTOL-11 "Toledo Eleven"..He is living in retirement at age 83 in the Toledo area..Always good to know some of the pioneers are still around..

Update:Here is Mr. Ward with a 1956 KYW-TV sign-off..

KYW-AM/FM Sign-off by Gordon Ward Mid 1950's,


  1. I love the episode description of the Dobie Gillis show from the PD listing. Just reverse the order of two words ("weed" and "killer") and you have a whole different plot.

  2. Channel 3 became WKYC just a few months before my 5th birthday so as you might imagine I have hardly any memories of KYW days BUT I can tell of one, a vague recollection of seeing a station ID of the famous Westinghouse font. Seeing that TV listing page with KYW reminded me of how my local newspaper, The Alliance Review, kept showing channel 3 as KYW for several years after it became WKYC!

  3. I was just on the Philadelphia Broacast Pioneers site and discovered that WRCV-TV in Philly carried the Mike Douglas Show at the same time as WKYC-TV in Cleveland. What piques my curiosity is whether WKYC moved the Douglas show to 12:30 as a result of the big swap being reversed and if KYW-TV changed the time on 3 in Philly as a result of the swap. What I found really interesting was that the host of a local WRCV show called "Tug of War" was called to the General Manger's office thinking he was going to get a raise because show had doubled that station's ratings at 12:30 only to find out that his show was being cancelled to make room for the Douglas show! And this was two years before the big swap was reversed!

  4. Somewhat off the track, but I noticed four out of the five NBC O&O's aired "The Mike Douglas Show" at one time or another. (Five of six, if you count the 1963-65 period of the Philly station as NBC-owned WRCV-TV.) The one that didn't: WNBC-TV in New York. The Douglas program was first aired in the Big Apple on WOR-TV starting in 1965, then moved to CBS-owned WCBS-TV in 1968. (Ironic, due to Westinghouse's 1995 acquisition of CBS.)