Friday, September 21, 2007

Some updates..

TV Cooking show from 1953 hosted by Francois Pope and his sons Bob and Frank, aired Saturday mornings at 11AM on WNBK-TV 4-From TV Guide

Editors Note:I was under the assumption this show originated from WNBK-when it actually was from WNBQ-TV 5 Chicago..

TV Guide Ad for ABC's Ozzie and Harriet. In it's second season (1953-54) on WXEL-TV 8 Friday nights at 8PM

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Cleveland area TV
Saturday December 19, 1953
Lake Erie Edition TV Guide

Channel 4 WNBK Cleveland

9AM Youth Wants to Know
9:30 Cartoon Time
10AM Buckskin Billy-Western Host
11AM Creative Cookery-Francois Pope
Noon Here's Looking at You-Beauty
12:30 To Be Announced
12:45 Industry On Parade
1PM Movie-Time Of Your Life-James Cagney, William Bendix
2:30 Movie-Little Men-Kay Francis, Jack Oakie
4PM Stagecoach Theater-Western-Deadline-Ken Maynard
5PM Bowlers' Jackpot-Sammy Levine, Loraine Andre
6PM Cisco Kid
6:30 Johnny Mack Brown
7PM Citizen's League-Service
7:30 Ethel And Albert-Comedy
8PM Bonino-Comedy
8:30 Ted Mack Amateur Hour
9PM Your Show Of Shows-Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca
10:30 Your Hit Parade
11PM Tom Field-News
11:05 Movie-Batttling Hoofer-James Cagney, Evelyn Dow, William Frawley

Channel 5 WEWS-CBS Cleveland

9:30 Western Reserve Telecourse
9:55 Morning News
10AM Cabbages and Queens-Home Type show with Paige Palmer
10:45 Jon Gnagy-Learn To Draw
11AM Space Patrol
11:30 Rod Brown, Rocket Ranger
Noon Big Top-Circus
1PM-Lone Ranger
1:30 Hobbytown USA
2PM Views and Reviews-Cleveland Public Library Chorus sings carols
2:30 Movie-Grand Escapade
5PM Ramar Of The Jungle-DEBUT-Jon Hall Stars
5:30 Polka N Fun
6PM Beat The Clock-Bud Collyer (CBS Saturday 7:30)
6:30 Inside Catholic Schools
7PM Life With Father
7:30 To Be Announced
8PM Jackie Gleason
9PM Two For The Money-Quiz-Herb Shriner
9:30 My Favorite Husband-Comedy
10PM Medallion Theater
10:30 Revlon Mirror Theater
11PM Movie-We're Going to be Rich-Gracie Fields, Brian Donlevy
12:30 Movie-Lighthouse-News following the movie

Channel 8 WXEL DuMont, ABC Cleveland

9:30 Film Short
9:45 Animal Fun-Film
10AM Smilin Ed McConnell-ABC
10:30 Tootsie(Roll) Hippodrome-ABC
11AM Merry Go-Round-Walt "Kousin" Kay
11:30 Tom Corbett, Space Cadet-ABC
12:30 By Jupiter-Kids
1PM Movie-Quadruple Feature-Mostly short subjects

1.Tough to Handle-Frankie Darrow
2. Shadow On Th Range-Johnny Mack Brown
3. Oil Raider-Buster Crabbe
4. Gangster Den-Buster Crabbe

3PM Pro Basketball (NBA)-Syracuse Nationals at Boston Celtics-DuMont
5PM One World City-Sidney Andorn
6PM Bible Forum
6:30 Colonel Humphrey Flack-Comedy-DuMont (Wed. 9PM on the DuMont Net)
7PM Dotty Mack-ABC
7:30 Leave It To The Girls-ABC
8PM Talent Patrol-ABC-Armed Services Talent Show
8:30 Music From Meadowbrook-ABC
9PM Pro Boxing-ABC
9:45 Fight Talk-ABC
10PM Rocky King-DuMont
10:30 Movie-Wooden Horse
Midnight Sports Showcase
12:15 Wrestling-Hollywood

Channel 49 WAKR ABC Akron

2:30 Akron Univ. Basketball
4:30 "Bar 49" Theatre-Western movies
6:30 Dotty Mack
7:30 Royal Playhouse-Syndicated
8PM Talent Patrol
8:30 Music From Meadowbrook
9PM Pro Boxing
9:45 Fight Talk
10PM Madison Square Garden
10:30 Wrestling

Channel 27 WKBN CBS, ABC, DuMont Youngstown

10AM Western Movie
11AM Winky Dink-CBS
11:30 Captain Video-DuMont
Noon-Big Top-CBS
1PM Johnny Jupiter-CBS
1:30 What In The World-Panel
2PM Double Feature-Movie
4:30 Movie-Western
5:30 Boxing-Film
6:30 News This Week
6:45 Don Gardner
7PM Meet Millie-CBS-Comedy
7:30 Beat The Clock-CBS
8PM Jackie Gleason-CBS
9PM Two For The Money-CBS
9:30 Talent Patrol-ABC
10:30 Revlon Mirror Theater-CBS
11PM Wrestling-Chicago
11:05 Sports Showcase
11:20 Wrestling continues
Midnight News

Channel 73 WFMJ-TV NBC Youngstown

11AM Movie-O' Malley, Mounted
1PM Movie-Double Feature

1.Forged Passport
2. Delinquent Parents

5:30 Christmas Preview
6PM Week In Review
6:30 Serial Theater
7PM Mr. Wizard
7:30 Ethel And Albert-Comedy
8PM Bonino-Comedy
8:30 Ted Mack Amateur Hour
9PM Your Show Of Shows-Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca
10:30 Your Hit Parade
11PM Movie-Stage 73-The Outlaw Land


  1. Tim,

    You've done a great job.


  2. I enjoyed reading about the old tv programs from my youth. My parents bought our first television in 1951when I was about 5. I remember the kids' show By Jupiter. Who played the wizard? How long did it run?