Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Channel 43-They Played Our Favorites-Conclusion

WUAB-43 logo from 1991-97

Current Channel 43 Logo.."My 43" Branding..for the My TV Network

Top logo couretsy
Bottom Logo courtesy Wikipedia..Raycom Communications

By the early 1980's WUAB-TV had established a true dominance in independent TV in Northeast Ohio Under Gaylord ownership. WCLQ-61, with Pay Per view movies at night, and regular progams diring the day..couldnt compete with Channel 43.By 1990 WUAB had been sold again..this time to Cannell Communications, owned by TV-Movie producer Stephen J. Cannell. They prety much left things as they were..Marty Sullivan retired Superhost in 1989..Changes on the horizon would change the TV landscape in Cleveland for good by the mid-1990's....

WUAB's "Ten O Clock News" made it's debut in January 1988..The original anchors were Bob Hetherington, Romona Robinson, Frank Cariello and Gib Shanley previously of KYW-3 and WEWS-5, as Sports Director..The market was ready for a 10:00 news show and ratings grew steadily..Hetherington was replaced by Jack Marschall and Robinson left for WKYC-TV 3 eventually, where she has been for over 10 years. Sally Bernier handled weather chores for a time..The news continues under the "19 Action News" banner to this day..

As hinted above..changes took place in the mid 90's to television all over the country. The trigger for all this was the change of New World TV stations to FOX affiliation, including WJW-TV 8 in Cleveland. In September 1994, WOIO-19 owner Malrite signed a Local Marketing Agreement with WUAB-43..

In January 1995, WUAB became an affiliate of both UPN and WB Networks. Raycom bought Channel 19 in 1996 and with it, the LMA with Channel 43..In 1997 Channel 43 became solely an UPN affiliate..

Raycom bought WUAB in January 2000..Since then, 43 has lost the OTA Indians games to FSN Ohio, (now on Sportstime Ohio and WKYC-TV) and offers almost no local programming other than the 10:00 News, which is tied in to "19 Action News"..19 has been criticized for its "In Your Face", tabloid style of news..Channel 43 is now affiliated with "My TV" which is still I think trying to find its way as a network. Sadly, much of Channel 43's non-prime time programming consists on informercials..

Final Comment:It is sad that a once great TV station has been reduced to tabloid news, judge shows and informercials as its main programming. I would love to see Channel 43 hook up with "Retro Television Network" For some great classic programming..Maybe even have "43 Vault" with past local programming goodies..well we can dream, can't we?..


  1. You're right; WUAB has seen better days; much better days.

    My "dream scenario" for WUAB would be for CBS to buy WJW, change it back to a CBS affiliate, then have CBS buy WUAB and make it Cleveland's CW affiliate.

    Makes me kind of wish to be back in the 70s and 80s during WUAB's heyday...

  2. I'm not so sure Raycom bought WOIO in '96, I believe it was 2-3 years later. I worked at OIO in '96. It was a strange environment....this little Shaker Heights wanna-be and the arrogance of the UAB original clan made for interesting drama.

  3. Someone needs to buy Channel 61 and turn it into a regular TV station. Not that Raycom would sell WUAB, but a Channel 43/61 combo would be interesting. One station could offer current syndicated programming, while the other could offer classic programs. It would even be interesting to see some of the old Super Host and Ghoul programs from years ago.

  4. Retro Television Network has been picked up by WNWO in Toledo after "The Tube" went bye-bye last month.

    I don't think nothing can save WUAB now. I pretty much given up hope for anything in my hometown anyway, and with the whole HD thing coming in, it's going to complicate things further.

  5. I did a lot of the radio spots for the movies and comedy lineups on Channel 43, appearing often in the same spot with the big-pipes guy who would say "Channel 43 plays....FAVORITES" (his name is Bob Perry - I only met him once, briefly, when he came to Cle for another spot)...I was also on the infamous "It's a Guy Thing" spots that caused a bit of a ruckus for being too, um, edgy??!?! Even got written up and wrist slapped in Crain's Cleveland Business over it! Lots of great years in Cleveland, miss it much and get back whenever I can now hear me as the new "Scoop Scoop Yum Yum" guy for Ruggles Ice Cream. Tho I got to NE Ohio in 1982, I still remember lots of great TV - still have the last Barnaby show on VHS even...Great stuff.