Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fade to Black...

Hello Folks:
Tonight was the last scheduled program for "Big Chuck" Schodowski and "Lil John" Rinaldi on Fox 8 in Cleveland. The "End of An Era" Special airing at 8PM tonight was extrememly well done..It was basically an overview of the "Horror Movie" Franchise in Cleveland from 1963-2007..With many clips, some I had never seen. Guests were comedian Tim Conway and Bob "Hoolihan" Wells, who added perspective and told some good stories..One thing I did not know..Chuck actually ran Camera for "Barnaby" during his Summer at channel 3 in 1960. The show gave a lot of credit to supporting cast members..Some I had forgotten their names till tonight...What really struck me after watching this tonight..Most of the actors in the Big Chuck/Lil John/Hoolihan/Ghoulardi skits...were really just ordinary folks. Folks we'd say hi to at the market or at the Little League Field or at the park..Many of the skits would remind one of glorified high school or college skits..Except that with Chuck producing and Channel 8 management putting support behind the show, It somehow worked for over 40 years. The end was especially touching..I'll definitely be putting this on VHS..Its a keeper for sure..We will never see anything quite like this again..

If you missed it, Fox 8 will air "End of An Era" twice 10 AM tomorrow and 12:30 Late Saturday with a movie..

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