Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Prime Time TV "Time Machine"

Some of you may be aware of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. They have a fascinating website with many Video clips/shows..Some historical interviews and roundtable discussions with TV and Radio veterans..They also house the Radio Hall of Fame.

As part of their video archive, they feature what they call.."Net Nights"..A retrospective series that focuses on full-evenings of television in Chicago..All 7 nights of full length programming as it might have been presented in Chicago on each network affiliate and WGN..
Includes Network/station promos. commercials and complete episodes of all shows presented..

Current Lineup:

Saturday Evening Fall 1959-60 WBBM (CBS) WBKB (ABC) WNBQ (NBC)

Sunday Evening Summer 1969-WLS (ABC) WMAQ (NBC) WBBM (CBS)

Monday Evening Fall 1963 WBKB (ABC) WBBM (CBS)

Tuesday Evening Fall 1961 WBKB (ABC)

Wednesday Evening Fall 1965 WBKB (ABC) WBBM (CBS) WMAQ (NBC)

Thursday Evening Summer 1955 WBKB (ABC) WBBM (CBS) WNBQ (NBC)

Friday Evening Fall 1964 WBKB (ABC) WBBM (CBS) WGN

Each night of programming is presented in 2-3 1/2 hours. I don't know if the above lineup is permanent or if they change up the shows once in awhile..Interesting "Time Warp" Kind of thing..

The link should take you to their the upper right "Net Nights" Link

Nice too is the fact that they have some shows that are rarely seen, such as "Farmer's Daughter" or "Valentine's Day"..Very different indeed

More Info on "Net Nights" with links to specific schedules of each "Net Night"

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