Monday, April 2, 2007

New Links..

You may notice that I have now added a link section..While most are broadcasting related I would like to give special mention to the two newest links, added this morning.

International Jack Benny Fan Club. (

Ms. Laura Leff is a longtime Benny fan..actually becoming a fan around the age of 10 through watching Benny reruns and his last TV specials..She now handles Legal rights issues (Use of broadcast material, etc.) for the Benny Estate..This site was put together as an obvious labor of love for one of the great comedians of any era.She has gotten to know many of those who worked with Benny and has a fan club newsletter and lending library of Benny Material on site..Highly recommended..

The Bill Cullen Homepage

An awesome site dedicated to one of the real gentlemen of TV History-Game show host Bill Cullen.. Fan Matt Ottinger has put together a great collection of Photos, sound clips and biographical material from Cullen's entire career..From Pittsburgh Radio in the early 1940's Through his last TV hosting job on the Syndicated Joker's Wild in 1986.

Ottinger himself is a rather busy fellow..Hosting a High-School Quiz Show at WKAR-TV 23, The PBS Outlet at East Lansing, Michigan, as well as being a founder of The Game Show Forums (also linked at the left). He also was one of the few who gave Ken Jennings a good game during Jennings' Jeopardy! 2004-05 winning streak. Bill Cullen was a favorite host of mine as well and if you are a fan of his or even game shows in general, this is an outstanding site..


  1. Thanks for the links!

    My wife and I were seriously considering naming our child "Cullen" if it had been a boy. We watched many, many hours of Bill Cullen on the GSN repeats of "I've Got A Secret" and felt that his cheery, always-smiling demeanor would bode well for our baby. We had a girl, though!

    P.S. My middle name is "Palmer" and always felt a special connection to Bill's Panel-Mate, Betsy.

  2. I wonder if there's a site dedicated to Johnny Olsen, and if there is if they would want us to "come on down".