Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Chuck and Lil John-Back Where They Belong..

Part One of a lengthy Plain Dealer article by Richard C. Widman..Attending a taping..Discussing why The Show works..

Part 2:About The Supporting Players in The Skits and The Show's History to 1986..

Part 3:General Thoughts from Chuck and John..Mentioning that the Show's 20th Anniversay is coming up..

Big Chuck and Lil John Hosting a Movie on The Channel 8 set..

With the recent annuncement That Big Chuck and Lil John have returned to WJW-Fox 8 in a new Skit Show Saturday Mornings (11AM) as of September 10, 2011, I thought it would be a good time to give them a plug..The Show has a slightly new opening, with Chuck and John Introducing many of the skits..Some on the first show I hadnt seen before..A lot to look forward to in the coming weeks..

I found this lengthy article on The Big Chuck And Lil John Show during their peak..This was published in the Plain Dealer Friday, August 22, 1986. Written by Richard C. Widman, the article goes to a BC&LJ taping, and talks in depth to the hosts about the history and legacy of the series to that point..And mentions the fact that their show's 20th anniversary is coming up in December 1986. I want to thank the Cleveland Public Library and The Plain Dealer for the opportunity to be able to access the PD archives from home..Has been such a blessing and a help to me with the blog..NOTE:You can click each page to read the print a little better. While The Print came out small, it did come out clear..You might still have to zoom it in a bit..

Oldies Night 1983

Big Chuck Retirement-Story-2007

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