Thursday, December 30, 2010

Classic Media-2010 in Review

MeTV, originally on Weigel Broadcast stations in Chicago and Milwaukee, has recently gone national with their classic TV lineup..Hoping for an announcement on a NE Ohio affiliate soon..

Antenna TV, from Tribune Co. set to begin on WJW-TV 8.2 January 1, 2011..

RTV Logo..RTV is on two low-power TV combos in NE Ohio..

Barbara Plummer, teacher of WEWS' Romper Room from 1958-71, passed away in 2010
Photo courtesy

Paige Palmer, longtime Women's host at WEWS Channel 5 from 1948-73
From JCU Collection

John Fitzgerald, Sportscaster and announcer for WXEL/WJW from 1950-83..He passed away December 24..from

Good Evening..
Thought I would do something I havent done before-A Year In Review post..First, lets look at people that left us this year..Including Paige Palmer (November 2009), Barbara Plummer (Miss Barbara from Romper Room), Paul Wilcox of Polka Varieties fame, Carl Day, who spent his early TV years at WJAN-17 Canton, and most recently John FitzGerald of WJW-TV 8, who died Christmas Eve..He was at Channel 9/8 from 1950-86..On the radio side, Ken Courtright, and Bill Weissinger of WSTB's Sunday Oldies Jukebox passed away as well..(Any others I may have forgotten, let me know please)

On The Bright side, while "TV Land" strays farther from its roots by showing movies, reality shows and original sitcoms, RTV is still active in the area on channels 29/35 Akron/Cleveland and 52/29 Canton/New Philadelphia..Recent good news is that 29 has already turned on its digital channel and WIVM will move to 39 and become digital sometime in January..Both facilities will add at least 3 more digital subchannels to their lineup..

Also, "Antenna TV" from Tribune Co..Is set to launch on WJW-TV 8.2 January 1, 2011with a Three Stooges marathon..It has also been recently announced that "MeTV" a Weigel Broadcating channel that has been operating in Chicago and Milwaukee for several years, will be going national in the coming year..Expecting that there should be a Cleveland/Akron affiliate announced soon..With MeTV, Antenna and RTV (which also may be adding new services)..There will be a lot of good Classic TV in 2011...

Here's hoping also, that more vintage Cleveland TV Video and audio might be found in 2011 that might be shared with our readers and the public..

Finally, everyone have a Safe Happy and Prosperous New Year..


  1. I thought AntennaTV starts on January 1. 1/1 will have an all-day Three Stooges marathon while 1/2 will be all Benny Hill. I can't wait for that since I grew up watching Benny Hill and I haven't seen it in close to two decades.

  2. Mike#2:
    Corrected the dates on the blog..Thanks for the info,,