Thursday, April 1, 2010

Captain Penny Part 3-"Maestro Millbrook" with Bob and Ray

More of the WEWS 1963 audio-

First, Captain Penny Noon Show Part 3-May 24, 1963 (19:48)

Live Bactine Commercial
Conclusion of "Funny Manns" (Military Mann)
Live Keds Commercial
Pooch Parade (Pat Schiller)
Mr. Magoo-Safety Magoo
Live Hawaiian Punch Commercial-Fairly new product then
Ad-Union Commerce Bank (slide of current Huntington Bank Building-Former UCB Building-Bought by Huntington in 1982)

Next:Bob and Ray for Millbrook Bread-Just before Paige Palmer 5-24-63

I have enjoyed Bob and Ray's Humor for years-It was a nice treat for this to be included..

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