Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great New Local TV find..

Copy of the "Classic" TV 5 station ID Logo from the 1960's-From a screencap of the opening to "Cleveland Comedy Company" a 1980 WEWS limited series..

Good morning:
I am pleased to announce that One of the friends of Cleveland Classic Media has found a real gem regarding local tv-Five and one half hours of WEWS-TV 5 audio from Friday, May 24, 1963..From just before 9AM-2:30 PM..Including all station breaks and commercials..Included programs:

8:58 Weather from sign-on News-Paul Wilcox
9AM Western Reserve Telecourse
9:30 Romper Room-Miss Barbara Plummer
10AM Paige Palmer Show-with Paul Wilcox as co-host
10:45 Cleveland TV Classroom
11AM General Hospital
11:30 Seven Keys-Jack Narz
Noon-News-Paul Wilcox
12:10 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM One O Clock Club
2:30 Opening (30 seconds) of Jane Wyman Theater..

This person has graciously allowed me to have a copy of the programming..My thoughts from listening to it..

The 12:00 News-Paul Wilcox could fit 15 news stories and 2 commercial breaks in 10 minutes..That doesnt happen today..

One O Clock Club..Bill Gordon really ran the Show-He was the "traffic cop"..Could think on his feet-And he was so funny..Dorothy Fuldheim interacted with Bill some, but not as much as youd think..

Captain Penny-He could fit a lot in 50 minutes-The "heyday" of Kids shows-Did live commercials..

Romper Room-Miss Plummer kept the show moving-Those kids were probably tired at the end of the half hour..

My plan at some point is to share some of this here and/or possibly Facebook or YouTube..Let me stress it may take some time to do with editing, etc..This was great to listen to-A virtual "time machine" of Cleveland Television..

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