Friday, September 11, 2009

Ghoulardifest 5 coming soon..

1964 TV Guide Ad for "Masterpiece Theatre" Ghoulardi's Saturday Show..

Just a note of reminder:Ghoulardifest 5 will be coming up Friday-Sunday October 23-25 at Tne Cleveland Marroitt Airport Hotel at 4277 W. 150th Street in Cleveland:

Among The:Guests:
Bob Hoolihan Wells
Big Chuck Schodowski
"Lil John" Rinaldi
Art Lofredo
Dick Goddard
Son of Ghoul
Jungle Bob
Bill Ward


Softcover Edition of "Big Chuck" with a New Chapter added

Best of Big Chuck/Lil John Volume 4
Knights of Honor-Skits featuring Dick Goddard, Art Lofredo and Bill Ward

DVDs of "American Scary" a documentary about the Horror-Host Phenomenon throughout the USA from the 50's through the 90's..produced a couple years ago..will be available from Horror Host and historian Doktor Goulfinger..

Premiere on New Ernie Anderson documentary to be aired October 29 on Western Reserve PBS (Channels 45/49)

"Lost" Ghoulardi Footage to be shown

Many other events and guests scheduled/to be announced..

More Information:


Ghoulard (Ernie Anderson) In a full nearly 5 minute segment from his Saturday Show. Parts of this have been on other tribute shows. Seeing this whole segment is quite rare..Probably from late 1963 or 1964

Cleveland section preview of the DVD "American Scary"..Talking about the legacy of Ghoulardi and his popularity in Cleveland..
People Interviewed:

Ernie Anderson
Chuck Schodowski
Jerry G. Bishop
Ron Sweed (The Ghoul)
Kevin Scarpino (Son Of Ghoul)
Tim Conway

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