Thursday, June 4, 2009

TV Scope-1959

Cover and back page of "TV Scope" a free TV listing guide given out at Cleveland's Fisher Foods..Darlene Kane of "Bandstand" on WJW-TV 8 Saturdays..Hosted by Phil McLean..

Movie Highlights Page..

Weekday Listings..It appears that Channel 8 was the only station to buy actual ad space in this magazine..

Sunday and weekday listings..

Here is a real "good item" as Geoff Sindelar used to say..TV Scope was a free TV listing magazine given out at local Fisher Foods in the Cleveland area..A New friend of the blog was kind enough to let me have 9 of these spanning 1958-60..This person had bought them off an internet auction site..United Television Publications published this guide, in an 8 page fold out format..Probably did this as a franchise to other cities..All the copies I have are from various Fisher Foods locations all over Cleveland..They listed Cleveland, Akron and Erie stations..Notice the telephone Exchange numbers..There were several companies, up til the 1990's, that put out simple format guides, especially as cable came on, as giveaways to their customers, mostly at grocery stores and Variety stores..Except for a little brown coloring in spots because of age, these guides are in remarkably good shape..

This particular volume was published June 14-20, 1959. I might share a few of the ads in other volumes, maybe even the cover pages..Interesting covers of then-current tv favorites..

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  1. Larger images would be helpful so could read the TV Scope text.