Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Neil Zurcher:Northeast Ohio TV Memories

Retired TV 8 reporter Neil Zurcher-Courtesy Gray and Co.

Good Morning:

Former Radio/TV newsman Don Olson the other day made me aware of a new blog by Retired WJW-TV 8 reporter Neil Zurcher. Zurcher, famous for his "One Tank Trip" segments on Newscenter 8 and Fox 8 News from 1980-into the 2000's, has started a blog of his own.."Northeast Ohio TV Memories"

His goal is to provide pictures and stories of men and women who made Television in Cleveland from 1947 on..Though many of the first pictures came from Neil Zurcher's personal collection, he is inviting personnel from all Cleveland Stations to take part in the blog, as well as share their own personal memories of working in Cleveland Television..

It is good to see someone else, especially a Broadcast Veteran like Neil Zurcher realize that the Golden Age of Broadcasting in Cleveland needs to be preserved in some form, and we wish him the best of luck. I have already told Neil that he is welcome to any pictures here he can use.
Also, as of today, "Northeast Ohio TV Memories" will be part of our links..

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  1. Neil is a very nice guy and a good father. I bumped into him at the Berea Fairgrounds one time during a hamfest - like me, he is a fellow amateur radio operator.

    - Andrew, -