Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jay Miltner-WKYC-TV Sign-Off June 1976

Again from tvnut..Repost Of WKYC-TV sign-off from 1976 with veteran announcer Jay Miltner-He was with WKYC/KYW/WNBK and WTAM before that-From 1948-The mid 1980's at least..Probably the most familiar announcing voice in Cleveland TV History..We see a snippet of the end of "Credo"..WKYC's interfaith "Thought for the day" program which ran from the 60's into the 80's..


  1. I have a lot of Cleveland radio & t.v. history that I want to share, including Linn Sheldon as "Barnaby" in full color as well as Big Wilson and Wes Hopkins on KYW in 1958, and much more. Remember "Swingin' Sweeny"? Have programming by him, too.

  2. Just noticed your comments when searching the internet for old radio info. Would love to find an audio stream with Big Wilson and Wes Hopkins in 1958. Putting together a 50th class reunion DVD and would really like to include this bit of good memories. Thanks.