Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WUAB 43 News Break 1980

From YouTube user RobatSea..A 1980 midssummer WUAB-TV 43 Newsbreak with Gary Short sponsored by the Plain Dealer..Announcer is Jack Reynolds..There is a brief Indians promo at the end..WUAB was in their first year as The Indians Broadcast TV home..

Editors Note:As The Newsbreak mentioned the Republican Convention coming up shortly..and it was definitely midsummer weather..The Indians promo mentioned a Tuesday 10:30PM Game with the California Angels, We csn pinpoint the date of the newsbreak between about July 10-14, 1980. The Indians played July 15-17 in Anaheim,,Midweek Baseball series generally were Tuesday-Thursday..


  1. Any idea who the voiceover guy is on the Plain Dealer bumpers? Sounds very familiar.

    So was it a big deal back then for 43 to get the Indians? I realize there were so few stations at the time but was that a major shift to have the rights go to a non-network station? I imagine it had to be a big boon to 43.

  2. I don't know who the commercial voice is..would have to listen to it again.

    WUAB getting the Indians was a big boost for them to be sure. WJW-TV 8 had the Tribe continuously from 1961-79,,and channels 5 and 8 switched back and forth with the rights before that. Remember Cable wasnt everywhere yet and there was no ESPN (at least it was just starting) or SportsChannel then..(Though Ted Stepien, Cavs owner tried a small local cable sports network and got a few Indians games in 1980-81.But it was not a success..)