Thursday, March 29, 2007


That admittedly tired title above aptly describes NE Ohio AM radio the last week or so..Canton's WHBC-AM going to more full-Blown talk during the day and Sports Talk (FOX) nights and weekends. The only thing I don't agree with is the all weekend Fox Sports..We will see how things shake out..Also not sure about Dennis Miller as a talk host..

WKNR-ESPN 850 has put Kenny Roda on 6-9 PM and Mark "Munch" Bishop from 3-6PM.I didnt mind Roda being a Pittsburgh fan but I thought his act has gotten tired over the last couple years..Michael Reghi and Greg Brinda will be hosting Cavs and Indians post-game shows, respectively..Good moves there..Good to see Mel Karmazin actually trying to compete in sports talk..

Finally, WARF-1350 as of about a half hour ago, is all Sports again..Which is not surprising to me. They are taking Sporting News Radio, which seems to have more lives than a cat..basically because that is all that is available in the market..The libtalk format seems to have run its course in several markets..So the dumping of it is not a surprise..WARF will have Akron U Sports, Akron Aeros Baseball and will have the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets next season..Good move there. While WTIG Massillon also carries the Jackets, they are pre-empted often for High School Sports. I still would have liked to see Classic Country back on 1350.I like Sports, but it seems to be a little overkill here..We shall see what happens..

Short note:I have no problem with comments, but This will not be a free-for-all..There are several sites to "discuss" radio..Keep that in mind ..Thanks..

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